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Chicken Shashlik Stick ( 6pcs. )

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Frozen Chicken Shashlik Sticks. Our Chicken Shashlik have all the components to be a perfect snack. It's quick and easy to prepare and super tasty. Each bite is bursting with flavors.

100% Halal. No preservatives added.

Quantity: 6 pcs.

Ingredients: Chicken, Green Peppers, House Blend Spices, Bread Crumbs, Vegetable Oil, Ginger, Garlic, Water, Canola Oil, and Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Frying: Allow the Shashlik Sticks to thaw for 30-45 minutes. Heat oil in shallow or deep frying pan to 325 degrees F. Beat eggs in a bowl and dip the Shashlik Sticks in the eggs. Fry until golden brown and internal chicken temperature reaches 165 degrees F. Remove and place on strainer or kitchen towel to remove excess oil. Serve them warm with your favorite dipping sauce.

Keep Frozen.